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The implementation of our vision requires the buy in of many stakeholders like our customers, legislators, flight control and finally also the population. From a regulatory point of view, authorities must grant permission to fly drones beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) in order to implement the system on broad scale in the future. We already managed to do so - working hard for almost two years to bring our vision alive. The initiative was kicked off in 2018 with the goal to conduct the first autonomous long-distance industrial inspection BVLOS flight. In cooperation with our partners and the German air traffic control we succeeded to do so. After a test flight of 4 km, a 44 km route (22 km outwards and 22 km backwards) over a 100 km pipeline section in southern Germany was successfully flown and the data analyzed. The length of the route will now be increased step by step so that the full 100 km will be covered soon. The drone's ability to provide accurate real-time data over that distances makes it safer, faster and easier to monitor and evaluate different kinds of infrastructure.


Drone technology finds its way in our daily lives enabling versatile applications. New ways of transportation, delivery of goods, contributions to smart city concepts as well as remote sensoring techniques belong to the most important ones. Major industry sectors profit from the usage of drones being able to acquire data safer, faster and in most cases at a better quality.  Constantly improving methods of data analytics using picture recognition, machine learning and artificial intelligence lead to increasing adoption rates, so more and more major corporations start to make use of drone technology. Still, until now all flight mission are tied to an existing line of sight between the pilot and the UAV, so it is controlled by the drone operators. We will go BEYOND that ordinary approach of drone operations, consequently working on our vision to enable flights beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) in order to implement a complete new and innovative way to deploy drone technology: Drone missions will be operated completely autonomously.


Drones will transform cities, revolutionize the way people travel, how products are delivered and how buildings look and are built. We are very excited to be part of this evolution and contribute to our future world. If you share our ambition and have a need for BVLOS solutions, do not hesitate and reach out to us!


Beyond Visual Line Of Sight

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